Striving to provide a pest-free community for Brisbane residents for over two decades, Bond Back Pest Control Brisbane has developed into a specific service that caters to lessors and their tenants. Regulating under the auspices of the National Tenancies Act, Bond Back Pest Control service by Ecoguard has always been fruitful in performing a holistic End of Lease Pest Control for a rental property.

Once the tenant leaves the rental property upon termination of the lease tenure, we provide an End of Lease pest inspection and treatment for all kinds of pests that might plague the property. Pests like termites, ants, spiders, fleas, rats, roaches, etc. render a property uninhabitable, unhygienic, and unsafe. Our pest control services are undoubtedly the best-in-class for using eco-friendly and natural eradicating agents along with cutting-edge equipment.

Once we finish our pest control, we issue a receipt containing all the particulars and a warranty against any future infestation on the said property within the next 12 months. We cover any probable infestation in that period free of cost. Our philosophy is to provide an exemplary service to Brisbane residents and prevent disputes over the pest situation in a property. With our resolute services, we have always retrieved the advance bond money for tenants and have emerged as the first choice for customers all across the city.

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Ecoguard's bond bank pest control is a service that every tenant should avail of. Clearing the residential and commercial areas of Brisbane for decades from the chronic infestation of pests, Ecoguard has made a reputation for itself that can rarely be matched.

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Are pests giving you a hard time? Our friendly technicians and pest control experts are always alert and up for emergency services. We provide impeccable pest control with natural and non-toxic, organic materials, and exterminating agents. Get your premise pest-proof by scheduling your pest control with Ecoguard today!

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