1. What do I need to do for the end of lease pest control treatment?

According to the Residential Tenancies Act, the lessor or the landlord is responsible that the rental property he leases to a tenant is habitable and hygienic before the tenancy’s commencement. Usually, the landlord is liable for the general pest control of the property. In contrast, the agreement signed with the tenant during the lease’s start dictates the latter to execute an end of lease pest control treatment at the property. It is mandatory to carry out an end of lease flea control if he has had furry pets like cats or dogs in the property. The tenant needs to get in touch with a pest control agency specializing in end of lease pest treatments, has the necessary licenses and certifications, and guarantees his bond money back with their exhaustive pest control warranty.

  1. What to expect during the end of lease pest control inspection?

When the pest control experts arrive in your rental property for the end of lease pest control examination before the treatment, you should expect the following.

●  A swift assistance to execute the end of lease pest control inspection so that the tenant can have his bond money released from the landlord or the real estate agent quickly and leave for a new destination.

●  A guarantee to perform end of lease pest control inspection for the regular pests like rodents, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, ants, etc. The pest control specialists will also mandatorily perform a vacate pest control service for fleas if the tenant had furry pets like cats and dogs.

● The end of lease pest control inspection should cover every rental property area, including hard-to-reach areas, to ensure hygienic and habitable conditions for the next tenant.

● After it is done, the end of lease pest treatment inspection is accompanied by a quote dished out for the services that will be executed on the property for the problem areas and the ongoing pest infestations.

● The end of lease pest control examination and the following services come with a warranty covering any pest infestation on the same property within 3 to 12 months from the last one. The duration of the warranty’s validity is subject to various companies.

  1. Why choose us for the end of lease pest control?

With us doing your end of lease pest control treatment, you are in for several unique upsides.

● We arrive at your rental property in the shortest time to perform our one-of-a-kind end of lease pest treatment. You can leave your property immediately after we finish our services, and your bond money is settled. We will start pest treatments once your belongings and furniture are removed from the property.

● We ensure that your bond or compensation money is released with our superlative end of lease pest control services.

● Our experts and pest control technicians inspect every rental property section, including hard-to-reach areas, to identify a pest problem.

● We target every pest species that has infested your rental property. We excel in all forms of pest control. If you had dogs or cats, we offer the best-in-class end of lease flea control as well.

● We provide a quote after inspection to keep the pest control treatments transparent with you.

● We specialize in kid-friendly, pet-friendly, natural, and non-toxic exterminating and pest control agents. These are eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

● After performing end of lease pest control for your premises, we issue a receipt that contains the details of the treatments performed. It comes with a warranty covering any kind of future pest infestation in your property for the next 12 months. We will provide free services if anything likely happens.

●  Ecoguard is the most versatile, superior quality, and immensely affordable end of lease pest control expert with a bond-back guarantee.

  1. When should I book in the end of lease pest control?

If you are a tenant looking to leave his rental property or your lease has expired, it is the most-suitable time to schedule an end of lease pest control treatment by a reputed company. Getting your belongings and furniture away will make it easier for the pest control specialists to carry out an exhaustive inspection to identify the infestations and subsequently perform the pest control services.

  1. Who is responsible for pest control treatment in a rental property?

The Residential Tenancies Act makes the landlord or the lessor responsible for ensuring that his rental property is habitable and hygienic. It includes general pest treatment services of the premises. But most often, the landlord signs a prior agreement with the tenant and takes a certain sum of compensation money in advance against a bond. The bond dictates that the tenant should keep his leased property clean and in a habitable condition until the contract expires. When he is about to leave, if the rental property is not habitable for the future tenant, he will not get the advance bond money release. Therefore, the tenant must perform an end of lease pest control with an acclaimed pest control company and encourage hygiene in the property throughout his contract period.

  1. What areas do you cover?

With Ecoguard performing end of lease pest treatment of your rental property, stay sure of a wide range of services.

● We ensure that every tenant leasing rental property in any suburb of Brisbane presents the premises in a safe and habitable state before vacating it.

● Our end of lease pest treatment covers infestations by common household pests, including – rats and other rodents, termites, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, spiders, and pest birds.

● If the tenant has a furry pet like a cat or a dog, we mandatorily perform an end of lease flea treatment.

● We ensure the bond money back to the tenant and avoid escalations to be settled in the Residential Tenancies Tribunal with our services.

  1. Are your pest treatments safe for pregnant women?

Spraying chemical pesticides and pest-exterminating agents while there is a pregnant woman within the premises is not a good choice. Thus, Ecoguard has taken up the mantle of performing pest treatments that are absolutely safe for every house member, including pregnant women. With an array of new-age remedies like electrical and mechanical traps, heat radiation, physical barriers, etc. Ecoguard minimizes the use of chemical sprays and pesticides. If we use pest exterminating agents and chemicals, we ensure that they are non-toxic, natural, and free of harmful chemicals.

  1. Do you offer pet-friendly pest control?

Yes, our technicians and skilled pest control experts are careful about the pets’ health and safety in the property. Therefore, we do not employ any pest treatment that might jeopardize their health. We use natural, non-toxic pest control sprays and repellents that are devoid of harmful chemicals. These are eco-friendly and absolutely safe for usage with pets around.

  1. Do you treat every property the same way?

Of course, there are many pest issues common to every residential or commercial property in Brisbane. But our pest control experts and technicians know that every property and the pest species that infest them are different. We provide customized pest treatment and solutions after surveying the property, its location, alignment, design, and other details. The pest habitats may differ based on the design of the property. Having a garden or a backyard also calls for additional pest threats like ticks, mosquitoes, garden ants, pest birds, wasps, hornets, snakes, etc.

  1. What if I continue to see the pest problem after the service?

Once we have performed an end of lease pest treatment in your rental property, we issue a receipt against the list and relevant details of pest control services completed. Along with the receipt, we present a warranty that covers future pest infestations of those treated species in your property for 12 months from our service date. If you continue to encounter the problem or experience any infestation of the treated pest species within 12 months, our pest control technicians and experts of Ecoguard will provide free-of-cost pest treatments to secure a healthy environment for you.