25th Jun 2021

Best Mosquito Repellent Methods- Don’t Put Up with the Mosquitoes Anymore

Are you suffering from mosquito problems? Is your family subject to mosquito bites day in and day out? Then you need to find a solution before the problem becomes more fatal than now.

Mosquito is known to spread diseases that are fatal. So, taking these pests lightly would be a mistake on your part. The worst thing about mosquitoes is they can enter from the smallest gaps of the house. No matter how thorough you are with the precaution methods, they can still find an entry point for themselves. And that’s why End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane suggests taking active actions as soon as possible.

Well, the good news is, you might not have to search for a pest control agency for dealing with this pest issue. Since most families are attacked by mosquitoes every now and then, they have been able to come up with effective tips to keep these mosquitoes at bay. And we have listed all these below:

Start Planting

Do you like gardening or have a garden in your backyard? Then this tip will work wonderfully for you. Just grab any of such repellent plants and start to plant them around your house. Do make sure to plant these near the entry points of your windows and possible entry points as well. Plants like citronella, marigold, catnip, basil, or any other your choice of plants. And you will start to see less and less mosquitoes in your house.

Don’t Store Water

Keeping stored water around your house would be the worst thing for you to do. Mosquitoes thrive on water; they need water to lay eggs and essentially breed. Therefore, if you have such places with stored water, then getting off it would be all that you need to do. If you have a swimming pool or pond outside your home then cover it with at night plus frequently clean the water so that mosquitoes can’t breed. The End Of Lease pest control agency also suggests it.

Chemically Treat the Water

If cleaning the pool is not something you cannot entertain. Then you chemically treat the pool or pond would be the next big option. If there are any larvae in your pond or pool they will die same goes for newly lay eggs. Once you have treated the water it will last for one month, so you will be free from mosquitoes for longer without much effort.

These are only some of the ways you can get rid of the mosquitoes without calling a professional Property Vacate Pest Control. But know when to call the experts. Without calling a pest control you are more likely to risk your family’s health more.