13th Sep 2021

Keep Millipedes Out Of Your Home

Millipedesnormally live outside in clammy regions under mulch, leaves, fertilizer heaps, window boxes, loads up, or stones. Nonetheless, they might meander into your home accidentally or looking for water during times of dry season or needing cover when heavy rain drives them from their normal territory, causing an infestation in your home, cellar, unfinished plumbing space, or carport.

In the event that you have a substantial millipede infestation in your home, there are possible millipedes rearing in your grass or under mulch, leaf litter, or debris close to your establishment.

Keeping millipedes from entering your house is the best way to deal with millipede control apart from utilizing the End of Lease Flea Control Spray. Michael F. Potter, extension entomologist at the University Of Kentucky College Of Agriculture, advises eliminating mulch, leaves, grass clippings, loads up or heaps of wood, stones, boxes, and comparative things that are on the ground close to your establishment, as these things draw in millipedes. In the event that you can’t eliminate a thing, raise it off the ground.

Here are a couple of alternate ways for how to dispose of millipedes:

Manual Removal

One of the simplest and fastest approaches to dispose of millipedes is to physically eliminate them. Make an effort not to simply crunch them with your foot as they will radiate a foul scent like stinkbugs. You can utilize a brush and dustpan to kill them off and dump them in a pail of foamy water to kill them, or you can simply vacuum them up with a vacuum cleaner or shop vac and discard them outside.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous earth is a glass-like powder substance that can be utilized for an assortment of pests. The crystals in this natural item penetrate the hard exoskeletons of pests, causing micropunctures all around their bodies. After that, it dries out and gradually kills the pests completely. DE can be sprinkled around room perimeters, under machines, under entryway holes, on sliding glass entryways, around establishments, in houseplant soil, and under the wall. DE is protected to use by and around people.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is like DE. It additionally cuts up the pests as they slither across it, making them gradually dry out. It additionally disturbs the digestion of millipedes, making it work quicker than diatomaceous earth. Boric acid ought not to be utilized in regions with children or pets.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper works best as an anti-agent as opposed to an insect spray. Cayenne pepper likewise works for different pests other than millipedes. You can purchase cayenne peppers as a whole and pound them yourself or purchase the powder. Sprinkle the pepper in any spaces where millipede movement is spotted. You can likewise sprinkle it around establishments and passage focuses to your home.


Like any pest, prevention is vital to hold pest infestation before it goes out of hand. While the above strategies are extraordinary for existing millipede issues, keeping them out of your home, in any case, is the most obvious cure of all.

Tidy Up

Eliminate any mulch, leaves, grass, boxes, cardboards, fence clippings, kindling, stones, etc from around establishments. In the event that you can’t eliminate them, attempt to lift them. Keep the grass cut and plants pruned. Don’t overfertilize your yard. Secure your rubbish and manure. Keep your floors spotless and dry (this takes out both food and water hotspots for millipedes). Caulk any breaks or holes in establishments and around wiring and plumbing. Ensure weatherstripping and thresholds are in decent shape and fit firmly. Caulk around entryways and windows and development joints where walkways, porches, sunrooms, and so on are close to establishments.

Dispose of Moisture

Millipedes are drawn to dampness or moisture, so keeping your home dry will assist with making it less alluring to them. In kitchens and restrooms, wipe up any overabundance dampness from hand washing, dishes, and so on with a towel. Utilize less water whenever you can and don’t turn on faucets and leave it. Seal or cover any holders with fluid in them. Attempt to wash dishes at the same time rather than leaving them for the end of the day. In storm cellars and carports, wipe off any overabundance dampness that amasses. Attempt to tidy up water spills right away.

These are all that you need to do for getting rid of millipedes naturally. But if the situation has gone out of hand, ensure to call in the experts.