10th Jun 2021

Why Does One Require End of Lease Pest Control?


The terms of the rental agreement clearly state the End of lease pest control requirement during and after the stay. After the completion of the mopping and cleaning, you can opt for it the next day. It is always advisable to go for End of Lease post-cleaning. It would be best to choose a combo pack wherein a general pest is always included with one other specific pest. Some of the rental agreements include internal and external treatment after a tenancy.

Why Should You Go for A Professional End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane?

It would help if you went for a professional End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane for several reasons. Some of them are:

  1. It is safe for all family members, especially children and pets.
  2. There is no need for pre-preparation before the treatment.
  3. They provide you with full barrier treatments.
  4. The staffs working here are fully licensed and experts in operating.
  5. They use all eco-friendly products with modern tools and technologies.
  6. The experts turn up at the scheduled time without any delay.

Do You Need to Stay Up for Pest Control?

If you have been searching for End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane, you need not worry about staying up for the workers. All you need to do is hide the key somewhere safe, and the staff would do the needful. You do not even need to worry about the payment. You can either use the advance payment option via cash or credit card or other cashless protocols. After completing the End Of Lease pest control, the staff would lock the house and keep the key back in the safe.

When Should You Call for The Service of End of The Lease?

Even though it is the responsibility of the landlords to keep the house pest-free during the lease period, but if you are a tenant who owns a pet, you need to call up for the service of pest control throughout the lease period. You have equal responsibility for keeping the place clean. It would be best to contact the End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane as soon as you feel the need for them. It could help prevent further pest infestation in the entire house.

Why Choose End of Lease Pest Control in Brisbane?

Ecoguard has been one of the leading companies providing the best pest services and at the lowest rate. If you get an acclaimed End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane, there is a high probability of getting back advance compensation charges paid against the bond initially. The agreement signed between the tenant and the property owner ensures that the tenant receives a safe and habitable environment. Most tenants assume that DIY could help them get back their bonds even if they had pest infestation, but in a place like Brisbane, it is impossible because until and unless you do not hire a professional, the home cannot be termed as pest-free.