10th Jan 2024

End of Lease – Clean Your House of Pests before You leave it for Good

When you are leaving your home after the lease, you must not forget to have an end-of-lease property vacate pest program that will help the next tenant to live without struggling with fleas and pests. This job should be included in your contract, which you must have signed at the time of taking the property on lease.

What is End of Lease Pest Control?

It is a pest control program at the time of leaving the property. It can be coined as the final cleaning program, which can destroy all the potential harmful pests and rodents on the property. This can be done with the help of a pest control company from the locality. A leadingbond back pest control in Brisbane can take charge of this job.

How to Get Rid of Fleas Before Ending the Lease Contract

The processes that may help you to get rid of fleas are as follows –

  • Vacuum: Use a strong vacuum on floors and upholstery, as well as mattresses to clean them
  • Steam clean: When you wish to kill the fleas, having steam clean can help you
  • Washing the bedding: Washing off the bedding can be very useful and effective in cleaning off the fleas
  • Treating your pets: When you are about to leave the place, you must try to treat your pets properly to avoid any contact with fleas

All these things can be done with the help and suggestion of an expert for property vacate pest control. You can take your pets to the veterinary clinics to seek help from doctors after the cleaning program.

How Pest Control Experts Assure Flea Eradication

The pest control experts have their advanced mechanism to use before starting a property vacate pest control program. Advanced machines can show the potential existence of fleas in an area. This will help the experts to decide what measures can be taken to eradicate the fleas.

Some machines provide metrics for insect growth. The insect growth regulator in the hand of an expert also provides an idea regarding the status of infestation in that certain area. It also provides a clear idea regarding the well-being of pets.

What to Do to Ensure the Next Pet will not be affected?

To ensure that the next pet that is going to come to live with its owner will not be affected, an end of lease flea control spray may help. The spray would be a strong one, and therefore, it should be used when the habitant and pets are not there. A professional flea treatment program would suggest you vacate the property for a time being to avoid any contamination for humans and pets.

How to ensure that Pets are affected by Fleas

When pets are affected by fleas, they will behave a little erratic. They may not stand the flea bites and therefore, you can see them jumping or trying to bite their furs. When this happens more rapidly, you can be sure about a flea infestation.

In most cases, before having a consultation with experts from Bond Back Pest Control in Brisbane, it seems ideal to take the pets to the vet for treatment.

Is there any DIY solution?

There are many flea bombs available in supermarkets, but it would be difficult for someone to eradicate the flea problems without any prior experience. A team of professionals for Bond Back Pest Control in Brisbane can make a tedious job look easy. Moreover, when you have to hand over the place to another tenant once you leave the place at the end of your lease agreement, cleaning the place properly would be the most generous approach.

Does Flea Control Prevent Other Pests?

The flea control programs use strong pesticides to prevent any pests from coming in. During the period of handing over a property, it could be a long time before a new tenant comes in. Therefore, the flea control measures should be strong to remain effective for the long term. That is why the chemicals used to control and eradicate fleas are strong. They sit in the household for a long time and ensure a pest-free household for the next tenant.