End of lease flea control spray

End of lease flea control spray Brisbane:

Most of the bond agreements signed between the landlords and the tenants require the latter to carry out an end of lease pest control to ensure future occupants’ safety and habitability. If the tenant meets this requirement, the bond held against the property is fully refunded. The contract signed before the tenant’s occupation of the property requires him to pay a compensation fee in advance, in cases where he fails to fulfill his part in the contract, and the property is found inhabitable due to pest infestation.

When to perform end of lease flea control?

If your property has been occupied by a tenant who had pets like cats or dogs, there is a high probability that fleas have already infested the property. If you or your tenant was not in the habit of scheduling annual or half-yearly pest control treatments by eminent experts and technicians, then performing end of lease flea treatment is essential. While vacating the property, hiring a specialist to achieve an end of lease flea control would ensure sanitary and habitable conditions for the next-in-line tenants or occupants.

Why choose Ecoguard for your end of lease flea treatment?

Performing an end of lease flea control with the industry-leading specialists’ assistance from Ecoguard has numerous advantages.

A thorough end of lease flea treatment that guarantees your bond back:

Ecoguard is Brisbane’s leading and most-loved end of lease pest control company that offers total pest control and pest treatment after you vacate the property. Ecoguard’s flea treatment, end of lease is par excellence as it allows the tenant to get his bond money back from the real estate agent or the property owner in concern.

After the rental property has been cleared from the belongings, the Ecoguard technicians and experts sweep the entire house for flea eggs, larvae, and adults. These experts take special notice to look for tell-tale infestation signs on upholstery, carpets, etc. Suppose the tenant had cats or dogs or any other furry pets. In that case, the Ecoguard pest control experts and technicians are over-cautious about their work because it generally indicates a greater probability of pest infestation. Once they identify the problem areas, full-scale extermination is done. Pest treatment is long-lasting and effective.

Affordable service:

Generally, the end of lease flea treatment cost tends to be relatively high, with most pest control specialists around Brisbane. The tenants often complain that they end up paying so much for their end of lease flea control that it is almost equal to the advance bond money paid to the property owner.

With Ecoguard, you can stay assured that the entire process will be covered in a very affordable and pocket-friendly budget. The amicable technicians and pest control experts are always transparent with their procedures and provide you a quote before starting their flea treatment services. This transparency at the end of lease flea treatment cost makes Ecoguard one of the top choices for your bond back pest control.

A pest control warranty that is a class apart:

After the entire rental property has been treated for fleas and other pests, the technicians and the pest control experts at Ecoguard hand over a receipt which contains the details and the list of the pest treatments performed. Once the entire process is complete, these folks also provide you a warranty over the end of lease pest control stated on the receipt. This warranty is a valuable one as it covers detailed treatments for future pest infestations that might occur in the property within 12 months from the last treatment. With such a warranty from a reasonable pest control Brisbane company, your safety and security are ensured.

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