12th Mar 2021

Get Long-Term Pest Prevention with Integrated Pest Management

Pest control services become the only solution when your home gets filled with uninvited guests. But using End of Lease Flea Control Spray will not always be an ideal solution as there are many places where pest control will be proven insufficient. For example, people who have farms cannot apply toxic pesticides and end up losing all their harvest.

That’s why; Integrated Pest Management was produced as it is both, environmentally sensitive and effective as well.  In order to do thorough pest management of a place, the person will need to gather information about the pest’s life cycle and their interaction with the environment and combine it with the existing pet control process. What you will get in the end is the most economical, non-hazardous, and managed pest control procedure.

 How does it work?

Integrated Pest Management or IBM is not a single method but a series of pest management solutions. There is a four-tier approach in IBM, which are as followed:

  • Setting up action target- In order to identify the need for this prolonged method, one must be sure if there is even a need for such action. As sometimes, seeing a single pest does not necessarily mean that pest control is needed.

  • Monitoring and identifying- Many pests, plants, and other living thing doe not bring harm as there are some which are non-threatening and also helpful. With the IBM program, one can monitor such pests and then make the decision if pest control is necessary or not. This monitoring and identification phase reduces the chances of using the wrong kind of pesticide or the need of using them at all.

  • Preventing- Once the monitoring is done and if no threat were found, with the IBM program you can prevent your area from pests. This procedure may include using cultural methods, applying eco-friendly pest-resistant varieties, and other using methods.

  • Controlling- Now comes to the final step of IBM and that is done after finding the existence of pests. With the IBM program, firstly less risky but effective methods would be the first choice; this method will consist of strongly targeted chemicals or mechanical trapping such as weeding and capturing. If this method proves to be insufficient with further monitoring, then other additional pest management methods will be applied. The last resort will be spraying non-specific pesticides.


IBM is the most budget-friendly and safe pest control procedure in the market. With IBM you cannot only save your garden or farm but keep your loved ones safe as well. Oftentimes, we call pest control services without actually needing it and lose our valuable money without a reason. But with IBM, you can determine whether you actually need such services or not. And even if you need it, it will be economical and effective. However, not all of us can take out time for such prolonged treatment. Moreover, people with a small garden or home pest control requirements don’t need to use such methods as there are many services that use non-toxic solutions.