12th Aug 2022

The Ultimate Guide to End of Lease Pest Control

As a landlord, you know the importance of pest control in Brisbane. After all, you have the right to live in and rent out your property in a clean and healthy condition.

End-of-lease inspections are critical in ensuring tenants leave your property the way they found it. Despite this, many landlords overlook their obligation towards pest control, but this oversight can carry stiff penalties.

This blog article will discuss the end of lease pest control Brisbane and the importance of carrying out this essential part of a landlord’s duties.

What Is End of Lease Pest Control?

End-of-lease pest control is a preventative measure that ensures your property is clean and safe at the end of a tenancy.

Most landlords provide the service to tenants when they are moving out as part of the conditions of their tenancy agreement.

It involves a thorough inspection by a property vacate pest control exterminator who checks every room and crevice for pests.

End of Lease Pest Control- Is it Important?

As a property owner, one should ensure that the property is free from pests and other vermin. By doing so, you are fulfilling your legal obligation to protect the health and safety of those who live on your premises. 

Not doing so could result in legal action being taken against you by a tenant or neighbour if they become ill due to exposure to pests. Many lenders require landlords to carry out regular pest control before granting them finance for properties with mortgages attached.

End of lease pest control also protects your investment in several ways:

  • Pest infestations can be costly for landlords and tenants; carrying out regular inspections will help prevent these costs from arising.
  • Pests damage furniture, walls, and flooring, which can significantly affect the value of rental properties.

Common Household Pests

1. Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on human blood. You can find them in hotels, hostels, shelters, and even private homes. 

Bedbugs transmit no diseases, but they can cause severe itching and bite marks when they feed. If you think you have bedbugs, call an exterminator immediately. They will use an end of lease pest spray to take care of them.

2. Cockroaches

Roaches are common pests in Brisbane. You can find them in homes, restaurants, and businesses around the city. These bugs are notorious for their ability to spread disease, cause allergies, and contaminate food. 

3. Rodent

Rats are one of the most common pests that you can find inside homes in Brisbane. They can carry diseases and cause severe damage to your property. 

Rodents cause fires by chewing through electrical wires and damaging food items you store in the pantry or kitchen.

If you have rodents on your property, getting them treated as soon as possible is crucial before they cause further problems for you. 

4. Fleas

Fleas are insects that survive on the blood of animals, including humans. You can find these tiny pests in many places, including homes, parks, and gardens. 

If you have these bugs in your home and don’t want them back when it’s time to move out of your lease agreement apartment or rental property, call an exterminator immediately. They will use an end of lease flea control spray to tackle the problem.

5. Ants

Ants are a common pest in Brisbane and can be incredibly destructive. Ants are attracted to sweet foods and sugar. This includes the sugary residue left behind when you cook meat or chicken. 

They also love grease, so cleaning up any food that you may have left on the countertop is essential.

As soon as they establish their colony in your home, ants will start spreading outwards from their nest, looking for more food sources, including electrical wiring, which could cause a fire if not treated correctly.

When Should You Have the End of Lease Pest Control Treatment Done?

The best time to treat your property is as soon as possible before you move in or once you have moved out. The longer the pest has been there, the harder it will be to remove it altogether. 

In most cases, if you can get an end-of-lease inspection or fumigation done before the tenant moves out of your property, then this would be better than waiting until after they have moved out. 

Therefore, if possible, consider getting your house inspected by a professional exterminator beforehand so they can come back later and treat any unwanted pests, such as termites or fleas.