End of lease ant control

End of lease ant control Brisbane:

If you are a tenant that has taken up a rental property, your landlord or real estate agent will need you to sign a contract with them. Within the auspices of that contract will be the requirement for you to carry out an end of lease pest control to ensure future occupants’ safety and habitability. Once you meet this requirement, you get a full compensation money refund that is taken in advance against the property bond. But if you fail to fulfill your part in the contract and the property is found in an unsanitary condition or unfit for future occupancy, there is a high chance for you to lose your bond money.

When should you have an end of lease ant control?

Almost every rental agreement requires the tenant to hire a specialist to perform an end of lease pest control when vacating the property. For a pest-hotbed like Brisbane, getting a specialized end of lease ant control company to perform the pest control operations is essential. Different species of ants inhabit the entire Brisbane area. If the tenant or his landlord has not been performing annual or seasonal ant treatments, then an end of lease ant treatment is necessary to absolve the future occupant from the panics of ant-lines across the premises and ant-hills in the gardens.

Why choose Ecoguard for your end of lease ant treatment?

Ecoguard is a notable name and one of the industry’s finest in performing ant treatment, Brisbane. Therefore, scheduling them for your end of lease ant treatment has several upsides.

An exhaustive end of lease ant treatment will guarantee your bond back:

Once you vacate a property, you need to have a mandatory end of lease pest control as part of the contract signed with your landlord or real estate agent. Confused about who to contact for such a vacate pest control service that ensures your bond money back?

Don’t look farther as Ecoguard is Brisbane’s best-in-class and most preferred pest control company specializing in every form of pest treatment. Be it ants, spiders, rodents, or the most common pests-termites, Ecoguard is always leading the way in terms of targeted treatments. In the case of a holistic end of lease ant treatment, Ecoguard tops the industry to guarantee the bond money back for the tenants.

Once the rental property has been cleared, and every form of bedding, furniture, and other belongings are removed, calling in the Ecoguard experts to conduct their treatments will be the wisest. Since ants assert their dominance over the living rooms and the porch, patio, yard, etc., the Ecoguard specialists have to do a careful examination. Removing the belongings helps them in examining the entire property, including hard-to-reach places. Since the experts and technicians are mostly local, they know the various species of ants and their habits. Therefore, they conduct a comprehensive treatment to get rid of the ant population.

Use of non-toxic and natural exterminating agents:

Ecoguard specializes in non-toxic and natural cleaning cum exterminating agents for its end of lease ant control operations. These agents are devoid of harmful chemicals that leave an unmistakable trail of bad odor behind and are harmful to the family’s overall health. The use of pet-friendly and kid-friendly ant control agents used by Ecoguard do not even meddle with the usual flora and foliage in the yard while cleaning off the ant population and preventing a future invasion.

Affordable service:

Performing an end of lease ant treatment is often a hassle because it costs a lot and amounts relatively closer to the bond money that has been paid in advance by the tenant. Therefore, scheduling your vacate pest control services with a company that dishes out an affordable service with the promise of quality is essential.

Ecoguard covers the entire end of lease pest control process in a very reasonable and pocket-friendly budget. The utmost transparency with the service charge is seen with Ecoguard’s quote presentation before dishing out the entire service. The low end of lease ant treatment cost makes Ecoguard a numero uno choice for a tenant’s vacate pest control service.

A pest control warranty that stands out:

Ecoguard technicians are conversant with creating a receipt that contains the list and the details of all the pests they have treated in the vacate the rental property. This receipt comes with a warranty that is issued by the same experts and technicians. The warranty promises detailed and targeted treatments for pest infestations that occur within 12 months from the end of lease pest control that has been performed. Thus, you can relax as Ecoguard vouches for your safety.

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