End of lease termite control

End of lease termite control Brisbane:

A tenant and a landlord or a real estate agent generally sign an agreement between them when the tenant intends to rent a property. This contract dictates him to carry out the necessary end of lease pest control services on the property once his lease is complete, and he intends to evacuate the property. If the tenant performs a failsafe end of lease pest control employing a reputed pest control agency, it will either eliminate the pest infestation successfully or guarantee safe and sanitary living conditions for the future occupants due to absence of pests. But if he fails to satisfy these criteria and the property is found uninhabitable and unhygienic, he might not get the bond money back that he paid as compensation to his landlord in advance.

What is the suitable time to schedule an end of lease termite control?

According to the contract agreement, the tenant must perform an end of lease pest control when he intends to leave the rental property upon the end of the lease. In a place like Brisbane that is abounded by pests, getting an end of lease pest treatment done will ensure future tenants’ security.

Why do you need to schedule an end of lease termite treatment?

In all of Australia, including Brisbane, termites are one of the most notorious and scariest pests. These pests infiltrate every piece of wood and timber in your building structure, furniture, etc. and make them papery. A termite infestation is a cause of concern for every resident in Australia as termites’ damages are extremely expensive to treat or repair. Almost all the houses and rental properties should conduct a detailed termite treatment annually. But if the landlord or the tenant is not in the habit of doing so, getting an end of lease termite treatment is immensely vital. It will ensure the next occupant’s safe living conditions and provide full monetary compensation against the bond between the tenant and his landlord.

Why opt Ecoguard’s end of lease termite treatment?

Ecoguard is one of Brisbane’s foremost pest control agencies with a targeted and specialized end of lease termite treatment. Getting Ecoguard technicians to perform it in your property has several advantages.

An exhaustive end of lease termite treatment that guarantees your bond back:

Ecoguard is a table-topper at the end of lease pest control and provides a top-of-the-line termite treatment amongst its range of excellent pest control services.

Ecoguard technicians and pest control experts have made their name by dishing out targeted termite treatments as a part of their pest control services. Their expertise and years of experience behind their superb termite treatment allow them to belt out effective control measures against termite infestations and eliminate an ongoing invasion.

Ecoguard’s end of lease termite treatment involves identifying problem sites within the premises that are ravaged by termite activities. Upon discovery, they treat those sites effectively to nullify the termite population and then install defensive measures that mitigate future infestations’ risk.

Using natural exterminating and treatment agents devoid of toxic chemicals:

Ecoguard technicians and pest control experts are competent in using non-toxic and natural exterminating and control agents during their end of lease termite control operations. These natural treatment agents are non-toxic and hence easy on the health and safety of kids, pets, and elderlies. They do not leave a toxic and pungent odor upon application, nor have any impact on the environment due to their eco-friendly formulations.

A quality termite treatment that is easy on the pocket:

Termites create damages worth millions in Australian homes. Naturally, getting an end of lease termite treatment will be a costly affair. But Ecoguard promises to deliver outstanding service with a minimum end of lease termite treatment cost. It encourages the tenants to schedule Ecoguard for their vacate termite treatment services and get their bond money back securely.

A reliable pest control warranty that speaks for itself:

After the Ecoguard experts are done with their end of lease termite treatment, they issue a receipt that contains the intricate details of the pest control operations performed on the property and the list of infestations treated. This receipt includes a warranty covering Ecoguard’s impeccable service guarantee if the property encounters a pest infestation within 12 months from the end of lease pest control performed. It guarantees the tenant to get his advance compensation back from the landlord while safeguarding hygienic and habitable conditions for the future occupants.

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